Cannabis, Hemp, Weed, Pot, or Marijuana - Nature’s Gift To Humanity

We, at the Venus Project Foundation have been receiving lots of requests from desperate parents of sick children and family members of ill individuals seeking help asking: “how and where can I obtain cannabis to save my child”?

We would have loved to help if we could. But, we, just like you live in the United States, and are located in state of New York. We are in a country where the prostituted politicians and their so-called: special interest lobbyist masters, would much prefer to commit murder, murder of innocent sick children, women and men who desperately need this amazing medicine by denying them the GOD / NATURE given rights to grow their own healing and green cannabis vegetable in the United States, in order to keep the profit margins of their criminal bosses: the Nation-less Pharmaceutical Corporations, Wall Street brokers, stock holders and bankers at maximum levels..!

If you want change, you must organize your family, friends and neighbors and together go to your local and federal representative’s offices and demand the cannabis prohibition inhumane laws, such as: the 1937 Cannabis Prohibition Act and the 1972 Control Substances Act to be repealed..!

Until then, sadly those of you in need of this amazing green medicine have only one option, move to Colorado..! And the second you arrived, call: the Stanley Brothers: Colorado family who grow great medical Marijuana, at: 1-888-995-8437

Why Cannabis, Hemp, Weed, Pot, or Marijuana was made illegal

Cannabis, Hemp, Weed, Pot, or Marijuana - Nature’s Gift To Humanity

The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 levied a tax equaling roughly one dollar on anyone who dealt commercially in cannabis, hemp, weed, pot, or marijuana. The Act did not itself criminalize the possession or usage of hemp, marijuana, weed, pot or cannabis. It did include penalty and enforcement provisions to which marijuana, cannabis, weed, pot, or hemp handlers were subject. Violation of these procedures could result in a fine of up to $2000 and five years' imprisonment.

Following the orders of his masters, the head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN), Harry J. Anslinger, began the national brainwashing campaign against hemp, marijuana, weed, pot or cannabis in the early 1930's by reporting phony increase in number of people smoking marijuana. He had also, in 1935, received support from president Franklin D. Roosevelt for adoption of the restrictions for cannabis in the state laws.

The obvious aim of the Act was to reduce the size of hemp industry, largely as an effort of criminal businessmen, such as: Andrew Mellon, William Randolph Hearst, and the Du Pont crime family. With the invention of the decorticator, a technology used to remove the bark, rind, or husk from hemp, made hemp a very cheap substitute for the paper pulp obtain from trees used in the newspaper industry. William Hearst felt hemp was a big threat to his extensive timber holdings lands he had leased for $0.25 cents per acre from U.S. Government. Andrew Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury and the wealthiest man in America, had invested heavily in the Du Pont families new synthetic fibers: such as polyester, nylon, etc., made from petrochemicals, which was also being out competed by hemp produced fiber and textile. Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart founders of Pfizer and a few other criminal billionaires who also wanted to get-rid-of the naturally obtained cheap medicine and all other products produced from hemp, marijuana, weed, pot or cannabis they all came together and paid the prostituted politicians of the time and made hemp, marijuana, weed, pot or cannabis illegal to grow and use..!

The American Medical Association (AMA) owned and controlled by the Rockefeller crime family, opposed the act, because the tax was imposed on member physicians prescribing cannabis, retail pharmacists selling cannabis, and medical cannabis cultivation and manufacturing. Instead the AMA proposed cannabis to be added to the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act and be classified as a Narcotic Substance with no medical values.

Despite the opposition and objection of the Dr. William Woodward, legislative counsel for the AMA, who objected on the grounds that the bill had been prepared in secret without giving proper time to prepare their opposition to the bill..! He doubted and disputed their claims about marijuana addiction, violence, and over-dosage fatality, falsely reported in the proposed bill..! He further asserted that because the name “Marijuana” was largely unknown at the time, the medical profession did not realize they were losing cannabis, stating that: "Marijuana is not the correct term... Yet the burden of this bill is placed heavily on the doctors and pharmacists of this country."

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