Who is Evil?

- By Bahram Maskanian

Who is evil? Question I have been pondering. One must bear in mind that EVIL is made on Earth and there is nothing mystical about it.

I am sure the 99.99% majority of the people all over our planet Earth would characterize Evil as Monster; rootless criminal, murderer, reprehensible and unforgivable, the worse of the worse one can be.

Now lets see who could possibly fall into the above Evil category?

What about the few hundred parasitic criminal elites whom for centuries have been responsible for masterminding countless bloody wars, murder, plunder, destruction of cultures and nations, and the environmental degradation we are all suffering from today?

How about the elite’s war-mongering goons, who orchestrate and murder innocent women, children and men in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy and national security for power and profits?

What about those elite criminal bankers who finance the war-mongers and their fellow war profiteers, knowing full well about the horror and savagery they are unleashing, and the terrorizing ramifications of their evil actions for profits?

Let us not forget the nation-less pharmaceutical corporations that are deliberately causing death, great human suffering, pain and agony, prolonging peoples’ illness and diseases for profits?

How about those greedy criminal so called: scientists, whom are constantly busy inventing and building more advanced mass murdering weapons and machines for profits?

Sadly the list of evil criminals is not a short one. But there is hope!

Evil shall triumph only, when good people do nothing to stop it.

Gandhi's Seven Deadly Sins:

1 - Wealth without Work

2 - Pleasure without Conscience

3 - Science without Humanity

4 - Knowledge without Character

5 - Politics without Principle

6 - Commerce without Morality

7 - Worship without Sacrifice

The Erosion of Empathy

- By Simon Baron Cohen